Real Aussie Kids. Genuine Talent!

Looking for talented Australian children for your next voiceover project?  Meet voiceover siblings Mary, Harry and Max! These kids possess not only the talent but also the passion and skills needed to create gorgeous voiceovers full of youthful energy.  

Genuine kids, real Aussie accents.



🎙 Mary, Harry and Max have grown up thinking that everyone records voiceovers. Their Mum is Australian Voice Actress Sarah Kennedy.  


With a professional voiceover studio set up in their home, jumping into the booth before school for a quick audition or recording session is pretty run of the mill. 


When they record voiceovers from the studio at home, Sarah works with them to ensure they give a great performance offering lots of delivery options and having buckets of fun.


While they're used to working with their Mum at home, they're no strangers to the studios of Brisbane either and their confidence has left many an agency creative gobsmacked.  


It's just what happens when you grow up with a voiceover studio in your house. 🎙


At six, Max is still an 'early reader' but he's more than happy to get behind the microphone to see what all the fuss is about. Max has a GREAT ear and is very good at repeating the lines his Mum reads to him and has created some of the most adorable radio commercials you may have ever heard. 


For a ten year old, Harry sure has clocked up some voiceover hours behind the mic. Just like Mary, he's read a lot of radio copy and has voiced his fair share of explainer and promotional videos and eLearning segments. Harry has even featured on camera in a TVC. Harry's also proud to be the voice of the indestructible and adorable Hugo, from the children's Sci-Fi Comedy Series Space Chickens in Space


Twelve year old Mary has a maturity beyond her years and loves all things creative. She's worked on a number of pitches and internal projects and she's voiced multiple radio spots and explainer videos. Internationally she's proud to have worked with Getty Images and to have voiced a dramatic role in an LA produced Audio Drama. Closer to home she's even recorded On Hold messages and eLearning segments for a chain of childcare centres. 

The Studio

As well as being available to record at any studio in Brisbane, Mary, Harry & Max can also simply use their Mum's studio at home, which saves a lot of hassle.  This talented family of voice actors boasts two premium microphones; a Sennheiser 416 shotgun and a Neumann TLM 102 large diaphragm cardioid condenser, and record in a DemVOX ECO 100 Sound Isolation booth

While Sarah is always happy to direct the kids, remote direction via Skype, Zoom or Source Connect NOW are great options for clients that require a bit more creative control.

Files can be transferred in either mp3 or WAV format.




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